Works + Projects

Violence In Residence

Photographic sequence of damaged windows


Experimental short film in cooperation with Joachim Lothar Gartner and Lui Janele

it’s all yours!

A simple enigma just designed to confuse viewers

Can’t get rid of it

Computer-generated homage to the “Sixties”

Ceci n‘est pas un cul

Translation requested! Everybody is invited to become part of the project

I Needed A Safe Place

An installation dealing with the conflict between freedom and security


Contemporary reconstruction of the Trinity

digidope: stoned free

Provocative video installation with fake-news message

Fuck the War

3D computer animation with sound


Just an expression of unconscious desires, I guess


Artistic intervention during the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation in 2014

growth and acceleration

Experimental computer animation based on moving concentric circles
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