digidope: stoned free

OriginVienna, Austria
Art formInstallation, video
MaterialMixed media
Resolution1080p, 48 kHz
FormatPAL, RGB

The movie – claiming to be a drug – plays around with the idiosyncrasies of public relations. A series of meaningless phrases are hammered relentlessly in a staccato-like rhythm into the brain of the keen consumer who in the end is obsessed by only one thought: “stoned free yeah”.

In the lower third of the screen — alluding to the disclaimers of medical advertisements — phrases resembling those from an information leaflet are displayed. Superficially, the viewer is informed about how to use the movie while being warned in advance of the harmful side-effects. But there is also a subtle subtext, with provoking and mostly untrue statements that fit very well with much of the fake news that is increasingly dominating today’s media landscape.