Wolfgang Herbst



Muestra Movimiento Audiovisual
International dance film festival, Guadalajara, MX
Don’t think (3D computer animation with sound)

Other Venice Filmfestival
International film festival, Venice, US
Don’t think (3D computer animation with sound)

FICC – Festival Internacional De Cine Cannabico

Fourth Edition of the International Cannabis Film Festival, Montevideo, UY and Buenos Aires, AR
digidope: stoned free
(3D computer animation with sound)

Future Vision
International animation film festival, Amsterdam, NL and Tokyo, JP
Don’t think (3D computer animation with sound)


Isolated.Living Yourself.
International group exhibit, Rome, IT


Baroque Days Festival, St.Pölten, AT
Installation in collaboration with Helmut Wiesinger

Fuck the War
Typomania 2018 Moscow, RU
3D computer animation


PHUNST statt Kunst (PHUNST not Art)
Galerie SUR, Vienna, AT
Photography, object/installation, video

A Heart Is All You Need
Image collage, contribution to a Twitter-based artistic intervention by Cèline Manz/studio 47 (NL)


∞ (infinity)
City Museum, Gdynia, PL
3D computer animation and sound installation in collaboration with Joachim Lothar Gartner and Lui Janele

Art Salon Břeclav
Group exhibit, Břeclav, CZ


Von Süden nach Morgen
Technical College, Mödling, AT
Artistic intervention


@Leipzig Book Fair, WWW
Media art project, artistic intervention

Austrian artist Wolfgang Herbst has been working in digital design since the early 1990s, exploring the avenues this technology has to offer. He uses a spectrum of media that ranges from graphic art and photography to video, animation and sound, including also programming and database design.

At the focus is the quest to explore our constructions of reality, seeking to question our perceptions and to deconstruct lines of reasoning, actions and opinions apparently rooted in common sense. This gives way to a space for untethered imagination and creative thought experiments, along with fresh – oftentimes seemingly improbable –perspectives and concepts of being.