Wolfgang Herbst

Artist Statement

My artistic work draws on a keen interest in how people perceive reality.

I am a child.

I am inquisitive.

I am astonished at humankind’s greed.

I am interested in experiments, not the everyday or ordinary.


My method is approximation.

My recipe is to not use any.

My hope is a world without war and hunger.

My art is widely independent of financial strategies.


I believe that coincidence is stronger than design.

I believe that nature is farther-sighted than human intelligence.

I believe that challenges are more important than comfort.

I believe that truth is a fiction.

Austrian artist Wolfgang Herbst has been working in digital design since the early 1990s, exploring the avenues this technology has to offer. He uses a spectrum of media that ranges from graphic art and photography to video, animation and sound, including also programming and database design.

At the focus is the quest to explore our constructions of reality, seeking to question our perceptions and to deconstruct lines of reasoning, actions and opinions apparently rooted in common sense. This gives way to a space for untethered imagination and creative thought experiments, along with fresh – oftentimes seemingly improbable –perspectives and concepts of being.