it’s all yours!

The topmost image shows an enlarged selection of the artwork, so you can see a blue dot even on your computer screen. The second image shows the artwork itself and the third image gives you the solution of the assigned task. Due to common transfer rates on the internet, the images are in screen resolution (72 dpi) and therefore probably to small to reproduce the correct output of the original. For that very reason large digits pointing out the position of the pale blue dots.

Art FormConceptual Design
MediumDigital Image

This work is a very simple visualisation of an information overload and is inspired by the famous photograph “Pale Blue Dot”, taken on February 14, 1990, by the Voyager 1 space probe.

First of all, there is a promise: it’s all yours! On impulse most people are tempted to equate quantity and quality. In our case this is a big mistake because nowadays the most needed knowledge is very likely hidden by a bulk of useless contributions. If intended or not doesn’t matter, because the result is the same — confusion.*

On the other hand the stated promise (it’s all yours!) appeals on your claim of ownership. You’re asked to find 10 tiny cyan blue points within the cloud of black dots. In addition you can read some really stupid legal text, which is just one more sarcastic repetition of the same principle: a lot of useless information is used to deter you from discover the hard truth. You’re just messed around and in the meantime, the planet you’re living on, got wasted for money.

* Paul Watzlawick is a good reference to learn more about confusion by disinformation; have a look at How real is real? Confusion, disinformation, communication for example.