Infinity ∞

In 2016 I was invited by Joachim Lothar Gartner and Lui Janele to produce an experimental short film including designing the sound for it. Lothar had designed a double cube while Lui had the idea for a large-scale installation where this cube could be rotated in front of an abstract background he had painted.

Though nobody was able to work out a feasible solution for such an installation, we did come up with the idea of producing this video. Lui painted the background and I shot the cube from every angle to create a digital 3D model which could be animated to form a loop resembling the shape of the mathematical symbol for infinity.

The film debuted in December 2016 at Muzeum Miasta Gdyni.

OriginVienna, Austria
Art formAnimation, sound
MediumDigital video
Resolution1080p, 48 kHz
FormatPAL, RGB
PartnersJ. L. Gartner, L. Janele