Wolfgang Herbst


Born 1964 in Vienna/Austria
Lives and works in Vienna

1978 – 1983 Technical Highschool Mödling, Industrial Engineering
1989 – 1993 University of Vienna, Media and Communication Studies, Theatre Studies (not graduated)
1993 – 2013 Engagements for computer graphics and image processing in various publishing houses and advertising agencies
since 1993 Experimental artworks with digital photography, digital video, 2D/3D-animations and sound


2018 Reflections, Barocktage St.Pölten, AT
a small installation within the lounge area of the “Sommerrefektorium” of the abbey of St. Pölten in cooperation with Helmut Wiesinger on occasion of his stage production “In the laboratory of love”
Fuck the War, Typomania 2018 Moscow, RU
referring to the motto of the festival, which was “East-West”, I submitted a 3D computer animation dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the year 1968 when the “Love and peace” movement reached its peak; more
2017 Phunst statt Kunst, Galerie SUR, AT
a presentation of well sorted phunst-works in Downtown Vienna; more
A Heart Is All You Need, @POTUS, WWW
the photographic collage became part of an artistic intervention using Twitter by Céline Manz/studio 47 (NL); on occasion of the first 100 days of Donald Trumps’ presidency she twittered critical artworks to POTUS, his official Twitter-account; more
2016 ∞ (infinity), City Museum, Gdynia, PL
3D-animated video and sound installation in cooperation with Joachim Lothar Gartner and Lui Janele; more
Violence in Residence, Art Salon Břeclav, CZ
a photographic sequence of damaged windows; more
2015 Von Süden nach Morgen, HTL Mödling, AT
an artistic intervention in the largest school of Austria with more than 3.500 students in cooperation with „Viertelfestival 2015“, an art festival by the government of Lower Austria; more
2014 WYSIWYG, @Buchmesse Leipzig, WWW
an artistic intervention by e-mail to draw attention to the option of peaceful coexistence which seemed to be ignored increasingly by media coverage; more


I am a child.
I am intellectually curious.
I am surprised by humans.
I am interested in experiments, not in routines.

My method is approximation.
My recipe is to don’t use any.
My hope is a world without war and starvation.
My art is widely independent of financial strategies.

I believe coincidence is stronger than design.
I believe nature is smarter than human intelligence.
I believe challenges are more important than comfort.
I believe the truth is a lie.

My artistic work is mostly driven by a natural suspicion against mass media and how TRUTH is constructed by them. At least since Immanuel Kant (1782–1804) we should be able to recognize the gap between NEWS and REALITY. Although many newer psychological and neurological studies have proven Kants assumptions, everybody can easily observe, how this knowledge is negated in every political discussion all over the globe. Since democratic decisions are based on information, the influence of news cannot be emphasized enough and the least we can do, is to be alert.

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