I Needed A Save Place

© Wolfgang Herbst
Summer 2017

Object / Installation
Gallery SUR, Vienna/Austria, 2017

The idea for this work came up, when Donald Trump (the current president of the United States) annunciated, that he wanted to build a fence between the US and Mexico. Here in Europe we have a very similar discussion as a result of a refugee crisis. The pretended goal — of course! — is always an increase of security. But who’s the real beneficial occupant?

Didn’t we hear in the past, that freedom is a reason to fight wars? The economy has to operate in global dimensions without limits, but average people have to live in well defined boundaries? Doesn’t become our security a cage more and more? Aren’t we observed nearly completely? Who is frightening us and what are the reasons? These are some questions I’d like to raise.

Thank you very much for sharing!