digidope: stoned free

© Wolfgang Herbst
Spring 2018

Object / Installation / Digital Film / Sound

The movie claims to be a drug and plays around with the idiosyncrasies of public relations. A number of staccato like, meaningless phrases are hammered relentlessly into the brain of the keen consumer until he or she is obsessed by only one thought: “stoned free yeah”.

In the lower third of the screen — alluding to the disclaimers of medical advertisements — some sort of instruction leaflet is displayed. On the surface it informs us how to use the movie and warns you in advance of harmful secondary effects but there is also a subtext which is meant to be a subtle critique on the drug policy put forth by the Austrian government and a potshot at the ”true“ power structure of the nation (Kronen Zeitung). Provoking and mostly untrue statements fitting very well into the bulk of fake news that are dominating todays media landscape in an ever increasing way.

Watch the video:
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