© Wolfgang Herbst
Spring 2018

Conceptual Art / Photography / Digital Image

In my world I notice a very distinct gap (or contrast to speak in photographic terms) between “rich” and “poor” and at the same time I perceive an ever increasing alienation, regardless of social privileges. This work consists of five photographic images. Each can be judged on its own merits but they perfectly match together to build up one whole work (or story).


Golden Cavalier
Canon 5D Mark II
22,9 x 28,4"

Canon 5D Mark II
4,3 x 9,2"

Canon G1X Mark II
6,0 x 9,2"

Flak Tower
Leica Deluxe 2
6,8 x 9,2"

Don’t care
Leica Deluxe 2
5,1 x 9,2"

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A Heart Is All You Need

© Wolfgang Herbst
Spring 2017

Digital Image
3320 x 2603 px, PNG for WEB, 24 bit, sRGB, 2,9 MB

The photographic collage became part of a Twitter based artistic intervention by Céline Manz/studio 47 (NL). On occasion of the first 100 days of Donald Trumps’presidency she twittered critical artworks to POTUS, the official Twitter-account of Donald Trump.

The lights shown on the photos are erratically arranged by random. They are diverse by form and color and they are blurred like the big picture we basically get of all foreign and unknown things. The artwork can give us an idea of the dynamics and unpredictability of developments all over the world. The centre is formed by some red hearts, as a symbol for good will, which is the precondition to give tendencies a positive direction. The title is a reference to the famous Beatles song “All You Need Is Love”. 

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Ceci n‘est pas un cul

© Wolfgang Herbst
Autumn 2007

Conceptual Art / Media Art

The goal of the work is to get in contact with people all over the world by asking them for a translation of it’s title. It is furthermore a reference to the famous artist René Magritte (one of my favorite painters) and his genius artwork: "Ceci n'est pas une pomme" (This is not an apple)

Learn more about René Magritte at


If you like my modestly contribution, send me a translation in your language, please! Your translation will be postet here on this site.

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Violence In Residence

© Wolfgang Herbst
Summer 2015

Conceptual Photo Series

At a first glance, these damaged windows that have partially been sprayed with paint could easily suggest an act of mindless vandalism. However, in a period of growing discontent within the European Union, this might just as well be interpreted as a manifestation of underlying social problems.

Captured with a photographic lense the scene reveals an unexpected beauty to our eyes. Cutouts and enlargements provoking an amazing transformational process. The observer's mind is free to wander and reconstruct symbols or even mataphors out of the patterns, structures and flares produced by the sun shining at the broken glass.

No matter what ideas one is coming up with, in every single case a transformational process occurs as soon as the outer (real) world is captured and presented — and more often than not processed — by digital media, thusly being detached from its natural environment and its original context. This inevitably leads us to the question, "What exactly is truth?", and consequently, "Is it possible at all to convey it via the mass media?"

If this question were answered with NO (which surely would be the case, given we applied strictly logical criteria), what would be the consequences concerning our perception of the world which we mostly know from the media? How fragile and biased is our conception of the world really? As fragile as glass, perhaps?

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